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New Cat Foot Makup Brushes Set With Case

7PCS Set Makeup Brushes Fashion Eyes High Quality Soft Hair ABS Handle Make up Brush With Lovely Travel Case Box HIAISB

How To Clean Brushes 1. About brush hair loss The makeup brush is hand-made, it is inevitable that a small amount of bristles are not solided or the fluff is not cleaned during the trimming process, so it is normal to have a slight hair loss. 2. How to clean the makeup brushes, you can use a special brush cleaning agent, or choose some mild cleaning agents, such as baby shampoo, etc. Cleaning step a. Soak the bristles of the makeup brush with the water added to the cleaning agent. When cleaning, pay attention to the parts of the tube and the bristles of the makeup brush. Do not touch the water and make the brush of the makeup brushes face down. b, then pour out the cleaning agent on the palm C. Gently push outward with your fingers in the direction of the bristles until the makeup brush residue is completely removed. Finally, rinse it off with water. d. Using a towel or paper towel, place the cleaned makeup brush on top, let it absorb moisture, and tidy up the bristles, and finally place it in a cool place to dry.

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