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Ultraviolet UVC disinfection sterilization package folding disinfection package portable mommy bag mask disinfection box

  • Item Type: Ultraviolet Lamps
  • Warranty: Three years
  • Whole Price;30usd/pcs
  • Brand:HIAISB

Feature 1.TEST-PROVEN - Tested by the Gmicro Testing, 99.99% was killed in 5 minutes. 2.EASY TO USE - clean your phones or masks or anything you want within 3 mins. 3.LED UV LAMP - 100,000 hours service life, non-chemical, much safer than mercury lamp. 4.EYE PROTECTING DESIGN - The lights will shut down automatically if the lid opened more than 45 degrees. 5.FOLDABLE DESIGN - Can be compressed to smaller size, easy to take out.

Specification Input:support USB Port, 5V-12V 

Power:200W LED:12pcs LED 

Working Temperature:0-30  

Storage Temperature:-20-50 


Foldable size:28*19*3cm

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