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Christmas Series Dipping Powder Acrylic Nail Art Kit Natural Air-dried With Case Tools Set Dip Nail Powder HIAISB

  • Package:6pcs/set
  • OEM:Yes
  • shipping:Fedex
  • MOQ:10set
This is a set of color suits specially developed for Christmas. You can use it directly after you buy it. We have prepared all the accessories for you. 5PCS colors dipping powder+4pcs gel(base coat,activator,top coat,brush saver)+1pcs cleaning brush+1PCS nail file+1PCS buffer 1 step, after cleaning the nails, brush the base coat once, and then cover the powder on the nails, you can choose your own way to evenly cover the powder on the nails 2 step, repeat the operation of the first step after 30S 3 step, after 30s, use activator to evenly cover the nails 4 step, after 30s, use tot coat to evenly cover the nails to fix the background color 5 step, after 120s, if the surface is not smooth, you can use nail file for polishing, and then use buffer for fine polishing. The buffter has two sides, one is 600, the other is 3000 6 step is to use the activator to brush it again (activator will speed up the drying speed of the top coat), use the top coat after 30s, and use the buffer for polishing after 120s. The end. (If the surface is not very smooth, you can repeat the operation from step 5 to step Mainly, before using Top coat, you must use activator, because this will dry faster, if not applicable, it will dry very slowly )

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